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Dr Gary Doctor telling you to be more proactive? And… ““You need to be more proactive.” Has anyone ever said this to you? Your partner? Your boss? Your doctor? And when they…”
DarkBipolarArtist Probable MS “Your situation sounds very difficult. Wish I could give you a hug and sit down and talk with you. It…”
Destiny Brooke Shaylene Getting my first please!! “Yes, God is GOOD all the time! My calf muscles are pretty try to explain their shape: broken pieces…”
Steady4now I'm new and so need some advice “I am so sorry for your recent diagnosis. I was within months of adopting a little girl from Russia with…”
shanram78 What do you do about negative people? Here's… “I'm having a hard time even going on a date when men find out I have m.s and find out…”

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