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Dr Gary Get mad at anybody lately? Was it helpful? “Hey PenguinAngel, thanks so much for your reply. I hope you are going easy on yourself. You are dealing with…”
RaniPaints Has your doctor recommended antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication? “I believe that doctors (and in many cases MSers) are WAY too quick to turn to psychiatric medications, especially at…”
dizzymom Looking for a diagonsis “I go for a sleep deprived EEG next Thursday at my new neurologist office and I have journaling my symptoms…”
aussiejoan Getting my first please!! “Also getting an AFO after some serious encouragement from PT. No more cute shoes but getting more stability. I have…”
kathrinerob Work stress, life stress, can throw your self-care… “Thanks how do I check if I have ms or not.”

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