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Dr Gary The agony of waiting for test results. How… “One of the responsibilities of living with a chronic condition like diabetes is getting your labs done. Waiting for the…”
spinkner Opioids vs. Marijuana? HONESTY here please!!! “I am a male diagnosed 1999 in 1999 I had nerve pain to a degree I can not describe…”
jefff Mental toughness through the dark/cold days of Winter? “Kind of interesting how we're all built mentally, especially from our individual "frames of reference" because while I live in…”
billw_willy ? for Msers “Fatty/Paddy99, No, VA pain doc refused to Rx Marinol for my arachnoiditis Px in neck/shoulders and lower back/legs, can't stand…”
Shew1 Living with MS “Hi thank you”

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