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trying 2 b me I hope some one has an answer “hi Debby, i was diagnosed with ms last year. you should find a neurologist who will help you. i…”
JwdLhc1968 My wife was diagnosed with multiple scleroses “My wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year ago in February. she has her good days and bad days.”
Charlene64 How often?? “How often should you go to the doctor (for your MS) if you are not on any medication and you…”
Soniakay69 Doctors “My Mom was diagnosed with MS when she was 32. She is now 66. At the time of her diagnosis…”
owlnona Showing love at home with deeds, not words. “Being on a Rollator I'm limited as to what I can do.I live w/ my daughter &family as she does…”

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