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Jefff S H A K E S S… “I only wish because I've heard great things regarding the Cannibus issue, but it's only permitted in a few states…”
shell4life Can not find help in my city “I have had a MS diagnosis for over 3 years, and have found it hard to find the help and…”
Jewelfairy Spousal (Partner, Caregiver, Parent, Sibling, Whomever) Support concerns? “Oops book by Dr.Gary”
Surrealdreamer40 Burning Limb(s)...Numb Limb(s)...Dealing with it??? “I have talked to my neurologist about it. I am already on several medications for it but he always says…”
Dr Gary Your mind and your body. Are they working… “It seems like we are hearing a lot about the mind-body connection these days. There’s a reason for that. Medical…”