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Jefff Falling Falling Falling ------ Leaning to the right… “SO.. I just got myself up off the floor (even using my forearm crutches) after falling and nailing my head on…”
Dr Gary Not sure if I'm frustrated or Confused????? “Hey Cheree, nice to see you. I am also praying for new breakthroughs in MS treatment!”
fingertip CANDIDA? Very similar to MS...yes or no? “If I search google:gov candida "multiple sclerosis," I get only 23 results, which is suspicious enough. In one study, they found…”
Coleyk56 Yikes! That was a mean thought. Where’d that… “Everybody has a mean thought now and then. It's what we do with it that matters. I always think in…”
datelessfor23yrs New Loss of sexual sensation is a new… “My last actual date was Sept 1992 and up until now Have always been able to satisfy my sexual drive…”

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