Mental toughness through the dark/cold days of Winter?

By jefff Latest Activity February 11, 2016 at 6:52 pm Views 3,425 Replies 5 Likes 2


SO, anyone else going through some tough times this winter? I'll start, YES! I say yes with much emphasis on the "dark" aspect because it can get very quiet and lonely during the supposed daylight hours. I find myself waiting for bed and sleep much quicker than normal and it has to STOP, but HOW?

Any thoughts, ideas or answers to this one…be my guest!

Thank You in Advance, jefff

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Replies (5 replies)

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  • PlumCrazyShakerR/T
    PlumCrazyShakerR/T January 27, 2017 at 8:05 am   

    Winter helps my depression. I love the cold dark days. For me summer sunny hot days are very depressing. I am dreading spring and summer.

  • jefff
    jefff February 9, 2017 at 7:19 am   

    Kind of interesting how we're all built mentally, especially from our individual "frames of reference" because while I live in SLC, UT now, I was raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida (cities from St. Petersburg, FL. down to Venice, FL.) whereby the weather was always unpredictable and I loved the storms to take us out of the heat for awhile. I was a "waterboy" you could say whether it be the ocean/pools/lakes, anywhere I could swim.

    Oh well, I got off point from your initial reply. Now that I'm living here in Utah, I can recall a few minor Tornadoes, but nothing significant accept for the one back 1999 that hit downtown SLC. I do know about the winds up in Wyoming, but I'm not familiar with the Tornadoes.

    My job over the past 20 years or so had me driving/flying all over the Mountain States/SouthWest region of the U.S. and would often drive through WY. I even got caught in several snowstorms as well as hitting 3 deer up there along with several Coyotes/foxes. One of the scariest flights I ever took was from SLC into Cody for a few visits and the small plane was being bounced all over the place so much that we (as passengers) were chanting, "fly us back to Salt Lake!" But NO…this cocky Pilot knew he could do it and we landed on one wheel and bounced to the right and then the plane corrected itself with us eventually landing off into the weeds of the median runway…fire trucks came to our aid, we had to write reports and so on…Ughhhh! Oh well, now I'm sitting here and typing to you @ 6am, so I must have lived even though my MS has now officially disabled me the past 4 years to a wheelchair and struggling with everyday things, but I keep my chin up!

    RIGHT? You've got your chin up I hope! :-))))) Take Care of yourself, jefff

  • JadeK4142
    JadeK4142 April 27, 2016 at 5:52 pm   

    My mental state only gets affected by days and days of rain although it is said of Wyoming that one year in the late 1800's, our 70 mph winds blew non stop for 3 months and the suicide rate leapt hugely that year and has not been matched since. I don't like winter because it's so easy to fall. I don't like summer because it's so dang hot. And I don't like spring or autumn because that's when we get tornados. I have come to the conclusion that I simply don't like weather. Or maybe I'm wrong about that.

  • jefff
    jefff May 4, 2016 at 7:07 am   

    Sorry, but I keep forgetting to ask what part of Wyoming you're from as I used to travel through several parts of the state and even got snowed in a few times. Once was really bad because I was stuck on a state road that was closed but I used it as a short cut between Cody and Rock Springs…not a smart move on my behalf, but I had a 4-wheel drive and 48 hour food/water storage with blankets, flares and even a strobe light for the evenings which is how I was found! jefff

  • jefff
    jefff April 29, 2016 at 1:40 pm   

    As for me personally, Fall & Spring ring the "high bell" for me and I love it! jefff