Mother has MS...Relationship advice

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My mother was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS when I was 8 years old. 5 years later, she fell and broke her "good leg" and has been in a wheelchair ever since. She went from an independent, single mother who took care of herself and was involved in my extra curricular activities to not being able to walk or use her arms/hands.
I've noticed that there's been a strain on our relationship for the last 5 years. I thought it'd be better once I went to college, but it only got worse and now I'm 23 with a nearly ruined relationship with my mom. She refuses to talk to a therapist about her MS since she's "accepted it a long time ago" but then constantly does the woe is me act and is constantly negative about her own image, my life, basically anything you talk to her about she will follow up with a negative response. She has also turned more and more controlling over the years in regards of my life (i.e. I went to school 6 hours away and I get phone calls multiple times a day asking what I'm doing, where I am, homework check ups, hacking into my bank accounts, etc.)
Does anyone have any advice or has anyone else experienced drastic changed behavior from someone they love after they got diagnosed with MS? She doesn't want to help herself and it's getting harder for me to want to go home for the holidays or even just to visit. I love my mom, it's just hard not knowing anyone else my age let alone anyone in a similar situation to mine.

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