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What is Multiple Sclerosis Connect?

Multiple Sclerosis Connect is a social network that empowers people living with multiple sclerosis. We make it easy to start conversations, share treatments, read and post product recommendations, and much more. We provide tools for our members to discuss the topics that they are passionate about. While the content is important, it is the sharing of a news story, the discovery of the latest treatments and the conversations between members that sets us apart. Multiple Sclerosis Connect is owned and operated by UpWell Health. Our mission is to create social health networks that connect people to support communities for a growing number of health conditions. Don't navigate the system on your own. Sign up, meet others, take charge.

Do I need anything special to use it?

All you need is an internet connection and a valid email address. Once you have completed our quick registration, you can begin using the site.

How do I choose a nickname?

When you register for the site, you will be asked to select a nickname. This is how people will know and address you on the site. While some members use their real name as their nickname, others choose an alias that provides them with anonymity.

How do I post a profile picture?

When you register for the site, you will have the opportunity to add a picture to your profile. If you have already signed up, but skipped that step of the registration process, you can add a picture from your profile page. Click on the My Profile tab in the upper right corner and choose the Update My Picture link next to your picture.

How do I follow someone?

Click on the name or picture of any member to visit his or her profile. Then, click on the 'Connect' button below their name and choose 'Follow.' If the 'Follow' option is not available, that member has requested other members not follow them.

Following someone automatically shows his or her public activities in a feed on your profile page. People who are interested in you can follow your public activities, too. But following does not give access to any private personal information, or enable exchanging private messages. If you're not interested in having followers, you can block following using controls on your profile page. Use the Mingle Machine tool to find new people to follow.

How do I meet and make friends?

Click on anyone's name or profile photo to go to his or her profile page. Then, click on the 'Connect' button below their name and choose 'Friend' to send a friend request. Use the Mingle Machine tool to find potential new friends.

Friending someone is more personal than following them. As a friend, you can see the same public activities that a follower does. But you can also exchange private messages, and friends can see personal info that you choose to share on your profile page, like your name, age, and the city where you live.

Can I cancel a friend request?

Yes, go to the person's profile page and click the 'Friend' button next to the person's name. From the dropdown menu, choose 'Cancel Request' to cancel your friend request.

Can I stop following someone?

Yes, of course. Go to the list of people you're following on your profile page. Click the 'Following' button next to the person's name who you wish to unfollow and choose 'Unfollow'.

Can I stop other members from following my public activities?

Yes. If you do not want other members to follow your public activities, go to your privacy settings on your profile page. Under 'Friends and Followers' change the setting of the 'Who can follow me' from 'Anyone' to 'No One'.

Can I block someone from following me?

Yes. If you no longer want a member to follow you, click on the 'Block' icon on their profile. The member will be blocked from viewing your non-public information, including status and activity updates. Note: They will still be able to view publicly available information like your comments on a discussion thread. Community and patient advocates that help us monitor and maintain the site cannot be blocked.

Can I delete people from my friends list?

Yes. Go to your list of friends on your profile page. Click the 'Friend' button next to the person's name who you wish to unfriend and choose 'Unfriend'.

Can I hide the list of people I follow and am friends with?

Yes, if you do not want other members viewing your friends or followers go to your privacy settings. Under 'Friends and Followers' change the setting of the 'Friend, Following and Followers lists' from 'Public' to either 'Friends Only' or 'Private'.

What are inbox messages?

Inbox messages are private messages sent from one community member to another. You can only send an inbox message to people in your friends list.

Who can view my activity?

You have complete control of how you appear on the site and who can view your activity. Your friends receive updates of your activity, whether it's a new posting or uploading a photo. However, your profile is not public. Only community members can access your profile page.

Will Google or other search engines index my activity?

Yes. Google and other search engines take a snapshot of the content that is published in the discussion boards and other content areas on Multiple Sclerosis Connect, which makes it searchable by the public. Your profile and contact information remain hidden from the search engines. if you are concerned about content being attributed to you, simply eliminate any personal identifying information by selecting a username that provides anonymity. Additionally, you may add a profile picture that does not contain your image or likeness. You also always have the option to post anonymously.

How do I manage my privacy settings?

Your privacy within this community is 100% in your control. Sign in to the site and go to your profile page. From here, click on the Privacy & Settings tab to view and manage what information you share with the community.

How do I unsubscribe from email?

With the Privacy & Settings tab on your profile page, you can turn off email notifications for inbox messages, friend invites, etc.

Why are accounts suspended?

Accounts are suspended for terms of use violations or spam investigation.

How do I share a news article?

You can help to make our News section even better by adding links to interesting articles you find on other websites. Just click the “Find an interesting news article?” bar near the top of the News page.

To ensure only the best gets to our members, we ask that you follow our content guidelines. Articles should be:

  • From a reputable news source or blog;
  • Relevant to the community;
  • Recent;
  • And should not be an advertisement.
  • Our editors will remove any content that doesn’t meet these standards.

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