Botox Approved, again...This time for Urinary Incontinence

By Meredith Melnick of TIME Magazine — From Published at August 27, 2011 Views 1,888 Likes 1

hmmmm…it's now government-approved to treat chronic Migraines, Muscle problems, underarm sweating and a number of other conditions, so now add Urinary Incontinence —- Patients with Neurological conditions, overactivity in the bladder leads to an Inability to store urine. By injecting Botox directly into the bladder to relax it, patients are offered for more muscle control and less incontinence

In two clinical trials involving 691 patients with incontinence due to spinal cord injury or Multiple Sclerosis, those who got Botox had a significant reduction in weekly Incontinence episodes, compared to a placebo group, the FDA said. The most common adverse effects were urinary tract infection and urinary retention.

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