Dragon Dictation

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An "application based-type program" that enables you to speak directly into your device and have it replicate your words in a document that can be word processed either by yourself or someone else who can type/edit and manage your verbal input. Now you can talk about your life in a biography, text, tweet, or add Facebook entries, type Word documents or whatever you want to enter in a "hands-free" environment!

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JadeK4142 April 26, 2016 at 6:04 pm   

I was given Dragon as a gift from a friend who understands well the frustration of novelist who can't see the dang screen well enough to write anymore. Dragon and I have had our moments. I am determined to respect my characters' dialects, and Dragon doesn't quite comprehend how a user can speak in forty dozen bazillion different dialects. What I really want is to take the time to create different dictionaries for each dialect and Dragon can do that, but it takes a boatload of time to get each dictionary together. And of course I'm so impatient when the muse screeches that I don't select dictionaries anyway. I love Dragon's capacity. I wish I were patient enough to use it well.

jefff September 3, 2015 at 5:00 am   

Me personally, I LOVE IT…yes I went with the cheaper version for $149.99, but on those days when you cannot physically type due to an MS flare-up, it can be quite liberating. I can use Facebook, tweets (I don't tweet much, but at least it's there), SMS messaging, texting, Word input for various needs (eg; I'm currently writing my life story for family history purposes and this has been a blessing to me for my family down the road…) OR you can use your iPhone device and be mobile at the park as you think about life and write or jot down notes in the car…hands-free! jefff

jefff September 3, 2015 at 4:55 am   

A fast dictation that recognizes and transcribes your words at lightning speed, and gives you the flexibility to dictate for any situation, especially for those individuals with MS who have difficulty typing and trouble with cognition. This is a "hands-free" application based computer program that allows you to be on-the-go, due to multi-tasking as your hands may be busy or impaired. It's a versatile way to copy notes to the clipboard, post updates to Facebook or Twitter, send a quick SMS or edit on the fly as you feel empowered again as someone with MS is spells independence again!


You need to ensure your current PC/Laptop/Device is up to the job. Some older computers or devices may struggle to cope with the Dragon software. Some people will need to be able to deal with a certain amount of frustration, text errors, revisions of their work, and some downright comedic problems as they become competent Dragon users. The initial tasks to set up the program for a new user can be quite complex, and users need to be able to read a lengthy passage of set text out loud for voice recognition/inflection in tone while still having a few/some reading errors. Keep this in mind when embracing the program for us MSer's with cognitive deficits. As I already mentioned about, it takes time to 'teach' the program your voice style, and to help it recognize how you say certain words, which can be a frustrating experience for some MSer's or persons with chronic illnesses because the program will NOT be or work perfectly from the first day on. There will be persons who may not enjoy speaking their text out loud. In addition, having a person speaking aloud can be distracting to other people in a public situation, so time alone may be required or you may want to have a Care Giver present to help with the transition. MSer's need to be able to cope physically and cognitively with spending a fair amount of time using a computer/device and interacting closely with the technology. Ensure it is a better option than some of the lower cost-type programs on the market because this program is not cheap and is usually priced in the range of $149 to $799 and up to $1,899 pending your application use/desire!