Biotin for Progressive forms of MS (*in TRIALS)

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Biotin is a vitamin (aka Vitamin B-7 or H) that may show efficacy in stopping or reversing disability in progressive MS. Traditionally, many people purchase low doses of biotin (5-10mg/day) "over the counter" because they believe it increases hair and nail growth as well as being used to treat peripheral neuropathy and other types of nerve pathologies!

*The first trial indicated the best dose seemed to be 300mg a day, taken in 3 doses, so that’s 100mg x 3 doses per day.

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Pte July 13, 2016 at 7:53 pm   

I have Primary Progressive MS and my doctor doesn't think that I am a candidate. This news is very helpful and I will try to get more Biotin in my diet. This makes sense as I was diagnosed with Berri Berri months before my MS diagnosis.😏

jefff September 3, 2015 at 11:09 pm   

It is very IMPORTANT to note that while Biotin is the talk of the MS community right now, it's also IMPORTANT to note that there are trials still pending results and Biotin is considered a Vitamin and is NOT prescribed over the counter with a Physician's xscript at the Pharmacy…If you go onto Facebook or other places on the Internet, you'll find other places whereby you can purchase the product in "powder" form and can be consumed in foods or in a warm drink of water, but you have to follow the recommended doses and milligrams for the product to be effective!!! jefff

***Pregnant women should NOT consume this product***

jefff September 3, 2015 at 11:04 pm   

Biotin is available in both pill form and as a bulk powder, over the counter (without a prescription). The typical pill forms come in 5mg and 10mg doses. 10 mg is the highest dose we've seen in pill form.

A company called MedDay is running clinical trials using their own formulation/dosing regimen of high-dose biotin (expected to be 300mg/day). Since Biotin is available "over-the-counter", many people in this group are taking high doses of Biotin using supplements or 100% biotin powder, until such time as high-dose biotin becomes available as a prescription drug. It is taken orally to treat mild depression and tingling in the arms and legs.

***Most people do not require biotin supplements. A true biotin deficiency is very uncommon because most people get enough biotin from foods they consume.


It's NEW on the market (3 months of trials as a vitamin supplement) and NOT approved by the FDA as a prescription form of medicine. Physician's are being cautious because of the trial phases and/or lack of FDA approvals. Most Physician's will discuss it with you, but NOT from a prescription standpoint.

DO NOT USE if you are pregnant or think you may become pregnant!

***One other thing, it can mess up the results of certain blood tests such as the thyroid, so if you need to have any blood work done, stop taking Biotin a few days before. There have also been reports of other lab work being mistaken as well because of the chemical compounds interaction.