"Folding Electric Wheelchair" from www.betterproductsfordisabledpeople.com

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I believe this product is fairly new to the market and a viable option for those individuals who cannot afford to spend $55k on an Accessible Van to transport your powered wheelchair…very affordable considering the option of a new van with a "lift-kit" and comfortable ride. This chair enables you to fold it up and carry it with you in your trunk and even behind the front seat of your car!

Cost is at or around $3k…hard to beat that!!!

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jefff March 15, 2016 at 1:00 pm   

I have NO problem giving this product a 5* due to the fair price consideration as it relates to other alternatives (brand new Quantum chair @ $25k versus this one @ $3k) and it's so compact for you to travel with it in your back seat or trunk of a car. You really have to see the website to fully appreciate the product and they have videos and customer reviews to consider before you purchase! Enjoy…jefff

jefff March 15, 2016 at 11:54 am   

*Donation of purchase price to MS Charity
*Cost: under $3k compared to an Accessible Van purchase of $55k to travel around with your 400+lbs. powered wheelchair.
*Weight is only 55lbs. and can be rolled like piece of carry-on luggage and it can hold up to 400lbs. in the chair.
*Storage - fits well within any size trunk or behind the front car seat(s)
*Wheelchair mode - can be disengaged and wheeled like a regular wheelchair
*Two Lithium-ion Batteries with chair and can give you 16 miles of driving range. It takes only 5 hours to fully charge if depleted in full or less if not driven as much.
*Size parameters: length - 38", unfolded width - 24", Seat width - 19", Back Rest Height - 16", Seat Height - 18", Brake Type - Electromagnetic, Turning Radius - 31.5", MAX SPEED - 4mph
*Joystick - can be moved to either the left arm bar or the right arm bar.

Watch the videos on the website for comfort in making your decision and see how easy they make it look for convenience and reliability when $55k seems a bit out of reach financially for that ultimate Accessible Van!!! ENJOY…


While it could be used for a full day of riding around a Theme Park or an Airport trip, the seat cushion might have to be fitted with another layer for additional support so your "butt" doesn't get too soar. This chair is meant to be used as an "in-between" means of transportation (point A to B), but because of the convenience aspect and low cost around $3k versus a new power chair around $25k, this is a very viable option. Medicair might even pay for this chair, I have NOT checked into that, but I don't see why they wouldn't!

Oh yeah, because of the weight being @ 55lbs., you might (probably) need a pair of extra hands because if your wife is as tiny and petite as mine, this will be a challenge for her or other care givers, so ensure they're comfortable first!